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dan mcdaniel, the ultimate guide to success

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“Wow, Daniel! Major kudos for this masterpiece! Every page pulls me along, enticing me to read further. It awakens my hunger to know how this journey will unfold. I meant to read only the intro and overview, but keep getting pulled into sections of each chapter. I could not contain my curiosity! Each of your principles is known to me, however, putting them all together in actionable steps is the keystone to ensuring that success becomes an enduring trait. I’ve never been so convinced that one book could contain all the secret sauce, as I am about this book and workbook. I absolutely adore the way you’ve made it so accessible, enticing, practical, inspiring, energizing, informing and organized. Wow! Well done! Can’t wait to share my success story in 6 months… I’m also sending a copy to my daughter, who just graduated college.”

—Lisa Love, Therapist, University of Massachusetts Lowell

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